Fruit with biscuits in bowls - Apple-Peach-Apricot 
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Fruit with biscuits in bowls


Fruit with biscuits in bowls

Dessert made of fruit puree and biscuit.

The Fruit with Biscuits in a Bowl recipes mix purée fruit with biscuits to help baby enjoy new textures while providing him with all the goodness found in fruit and cereals. An easily transportable bowl, with an opening wide enough to teach baby to eat all by himself, when the time is right.

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Our guarantees

Babynat carefully selects the origin of each ingredients and chooses whenever possible local producers (France or the Western Europe).
The origins indicated on the products may change due to our requirements in the choice of producers and the difficulties in the supply of organic raw materials.
Produced in France.
 See our commitments on products quality.


  • apples* from Italy
  • peaches from Italy*
  • apricots from Italy*
  • biscuit* (flours* (wheat*, rice*, spelt*), brown cane sugar*, butter*, skimmed milk powder*, baking powders: sodium bicarbonate and ammonium bicarbonate, Bourbon vanilla extract*)

* Ingredients from organic agriculture.
Contains gluten and milk.

Use advice

The bowl can be kept 48 hours in the refrigerator after opening.


Pack of 2 plastic bowls of 120 g.