Multigrain Cereals - Banana 
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Multigrain Cereals


Multigrain Cereals

Infant cereals made with wheat, rice and whole oats.

A blend of wheat, rice and whole oats to vary your baby's cereal intake. Cereals are a source of complex carbohydrates which are a source of energy and will help your baby feel full.

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Our guarantees

Produced in France.
Packaged in a protective atmosphere.
Food for infants with guaranteed vitamin B1 content according to the EU legislation.
 See our commitments on products quality.


  • partially hydrolysed wheat flour*
  • rice flour*
  • banana*
  • whole oat flour*
  • vitamin B1

* Ingredients from organic agriculture.
Contains gluten.

Use advice

Don't prepare the bowl in advance and discard any remaining food after the feed. Close the box well and keep in a cool any dry place up to 4 weeks after opening.
Use a clean, dry spoon.
Measure the required amount of cereal into a clean bowl.
Add warm prepared Babynat formula and mix.


Carton box of 250g.