8-12 months Nutrition 
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8-12 months : nutrition

Our nutrition advice for babies from 8 to 12 months.

nutrition advice for babies from 8 to 12 months

From 8 months, he can hold a sitting position. His first teeth are pushing through, Baby can now swallow very small pieces of mashed foods.
His food becomes more and more diverse and textures evolve towards more solid foods. Mixed at the start, foods are next crushed and then cut into pieces to get the child used to chewing.

New experiences

The baby can already chew a piece of bread.
At this age, he becomes more active and his appetite increases. He generally has his first teeth.
He can thus absorb more substantial foods than before. For example, you can serve him grated apple instead of stewed apple.
When your baby masters these new textures, he can then attack more fibrous vegetables, like cooked carrots that you can crush with a fork.
You can now mix 20 g of cooked meat, fish or egg into his midday vegetables.
Your baby already knows how to chew food: he can taste cooked cereals such as oats, accompanied by pureed fresh fruits. Also serve him some pasta, ideal to accustom him to chewing.
Throughout this period of food learning, the child goes back to his mother's milk or formula milk for the essential of his nutrition.

Learning and independence

By encouraging your child to hold a spoon or a food in the hand, you help him to conquer his independence and coordinate his gestures. You can develop his sense of communication during a meal by establishing an interaction with him, by look, voice, smile, encouragements and play.
You can make every meal a feast.
However, each baby is different: some devour everything that is put within reach, others appear to feed on almost nothing (to the great concern of their parents). If your baby is like this, ask yourself if he really needs the quantity of food that you want to give him.
After all, it is a new experience for him, not only in nutrition but also in independence, his ability to choose, to like and to reject.

Miracle foods

  • Banana: full of energy and very digestible if it is really ripe, it is an excellent source of vitamin B, as well as potassium and magnesium
  • Meat: it contains iron and zinc in perfect proportions. The richest in iron are beef and lamb, ahead of pork and chicken

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