8-12 months Development 
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8-12 months: Development

Our advice about development for babies from 8 to 12 months.

From 8 months, baby develops communication abilities and begins walking.


For baby, as well as for adults, everything goes through communication, even if he is not yet capable of expressing himself.
Communication is done with the body. From birth, he tries to tell us what he feels. From now on he establishes strong exchanges with his parents comprising gestures, mimics and first words.
It is important to talk to your child a lot and explain both the most trivial and the most complicated things to him. This is a form of respect that will help him to construct himself as a person.


This is the age at which your baby can really move, on all fours and then by walking. This is a decisive step in his development because little by little he takes possession of everything around him.
Even if babies do not walk on all fours in an identical way, his movement allows him to take part in family life, to discover previously inaccessible objects and also to be able to reach his mother or father.
You can encourage him to walk using push along or ride on toys, those 4 wheeled vehicles that your child can sit on. In fact, in helping himself to move forward with his feet, he understands movement and starts to build his leg muscles. Balls can also help him because he will be tempted to follow them...

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