6-8 months Development 
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6-8 months: Development

Our advice about development for babies from 6 to 8 months.

This is the age where sharing your little one's games becomes a real amusement. Each situation can become a terrific reason to laugh: grimaces, tickles, "peek-a-boo" games ...


The latter is also one of the favourite games at this age.
Play this game with your child to allow them to understand that the disappearance of a loved person who is hiding herself is not definitive and that this does not mean the end of affection.

The start of language

He now starts to say a few words and repeat the sounds that he hears. Talk to your baby as often as possible, this will lead him to "repeat" the words (i.e. make sounds that approximately resemble those heard) and this will help him in learning language later.

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