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+15 months: Sleep

Our advice about sleep for babies from 15 months.

At this age, periods of sleep are longer, but night waking is much less frequent. Nevertheless, your infant might experience night terrors (different to ordinary nightmares). They can be upsetting but are not dangerous at all.

Night terrors

In contrast to nightmares, night terrors start during the first phase of sleep, 2-3 hours after falling asleep.
The infant sits up in his bed, cries but does not wake up.
Although there are many causes, they are often linked to a lack of sleep or a stressful situation (change in habits, house move…).

Some tips to follow

  • do not try to soothe him: your infant is in a deep sleep and is not even aware of the problem. He will calm down all by himself.
  • do not bring it up in the morning: he will not remember it because he was sleeping.
  • to fix the problem: try to make evenings peaceful and put him to bed earlier: the night terrors will more than likely disappear.

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