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+15 months : nutrition

Our nutrition advice for babies from 15 months.

nutrition advice for babies from 15 months

At this age, tastes start to change and movements become more defined. They are little cheeky monkeys who love chewing and having regular snacks.
Snacks are essential for replacing the energy that they are burning continually, meeting their energy needs and ensuring their balanced growth. Generally speaking, you should continue to help your infant appreciate healthy products and make meal times fun and enjoyable.

Vegetables and citrus fruit

From the age of 2, your child must consume 60 g of cooked, fresh, frozen or preserved vegetables per day and 50 g of raw vegetables. The latter are generally appreciated by children because they are crunchy and easy to nibble with the fingers. They are also rich in nutrients.
Cucumber, notably should not be neglected because it contains potassium and folic acid, as well as beta-carotene under the skin. However you can only eat the skin if it is an organic product. Lettuce contains vitamins A and C, folic acid and potassium. Organic lettuce is only available in season. It contains little waste because, being free of chemical pesticides, even the outside leaves can be eaten.
Traces of pesticides contained in vegetables can harm the development of the child and his metabolism. This is why conventional vegetables must be peeled, whereas in most cases rinsing is enough for organic vegetables.
Legumes, also rich in iron, are appreciated by babies for their smooth texture, but it is preferable to wait until 12 months to introduce them into food due to the high fibre content. They should be cooked for a long time to be more easily digested.
Green, red or brown lentils, chickpeas, flageolet beans, are all rich in carbohydrates, fibres, vitamin B, mineral salts, folic acid, selenium, iron and zinc. Whether you buy them dry or in conserves (without added salt or sugar), choose organic for preference.
Children appreciate fruits, especially when they are easy to eat.
Grapes are an ideal snack. Grapefruit and oranges, whole or as juice, awaken the palate and difficult mornings. For these too, buy organic in all circumstances

Miracle foods

  • grapes: very rich in vitamin C, anti-oxidants and natural sugars, grapes are a good source of immediate energy for your child
  • citrus fruit: grapefruit and oranges contain a lot of vitamin C, and to a lesser extent, folic acid, calcium and beta-carotene

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