12-15 months Sleep 
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12-15 months: Sleep

Our advice about sleep for babies from 12 to 15 months

From one year old, children experience difficulties in finding sleep because the falling asleep phase becomes longer and longer: between 1/4 of an hour and 1 hour.

Calm and rituals!

To make this phase easy for him, calm and rituals are important.
First of all, you must prepare your child to go to sleep calmly. The hour that precedes bedtime is very important and must be calm.
First, the bath: the water calms spirits and the child finds a real sensation of well being. So avoid shouting and be very patient but firm in the face of your little cherub's naughtiness.
The other important step to prepare well for sleep is the bedtime ritual: story, cuddles, glass of water...
Everything happens to delay the time of falling asleep but it is very important for him because he finds it reassuring.

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