12-15 months Nutrition 
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12-15 months : nutrition

Our nutrition advice for babies from 12 to 15 months.

nutrition advice for babies from 12 to 15 months

Towards the age of 12 months, baby starts to stand up on his own and begins to take his first steps.
You can introduce your child to using a beaker or a cup if this has not already been done. Your child learns to serve himself with the spoon and eat all by himself.
This is the moment to share meals with him so as that this remains a convivial and family moment. So baby becomes self-confident and gains in independence.

Introduce new foods

Fish is rich in omega 3 oils, polyunsaturated fatty acids that are indispensable for brain and nerve function. Sardine, mackerel, tuna, swordfish are rich in fundamental nutrients: vitamins A and D, iron, zinc and iodine. Prefer organic because preventive treatment with antibiotics is forbidden for organic fish rearing.
Your child's meals will greatly benefit from the flavour of onions, shallots and garlic. Onions contain vitamin C and garlic has long been known for its anti-infection virtues.
Oat flakes (not precooked) are rich in vitamin B, as well as calcium, magnesium and silicon.

Aromatic herbs

Aromatic herbs do not just embellish your dishes: they have numerous therapeutic virtues. By introducing them into your child's food, you accustom him to the idea that a good taste is above all a matter of simple natural ingredients. Another advantage: you can grow your herbs at home, whether you have a garden or a simple window box.

  • parsley: this is very rich in vitamin A and also iron, calcium and potassium
  • fresh coriander: this is used in the East in babies weaning dishes, because its essential oils are beneficial to digestion
  • basil and oregano: these are rich in essential oils (the first is calming, the second stimulating)

Miracle foods

  • fish: with organic fish twice per week, your child receives all the omega 3 oils that he needs
  • potatoes: these are rich in carbohydrates, vitamin B and potassium and contain vitamin C and fibres, but it is better to choose organic. If you bake them or fry them, do not peel them, the skin contains nutrient elements

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