12-15 months Development 
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12-15 months: Development

Our advice about development for babies from 12 to 12 months.

From 12 months, language and walking are the two most important learnings.


From one year old, your child will be progressively capable of pronouncing words, then short phrases, or word associations. He is ready to learn everything with great ease.
Help him with picture books where you can show him different animals and objects. He will then associate the images and words and this will help him with his understanding of language.


Walking generally starts around 12 months but, here too, there are many disparities between children, even some from the same family: some will start at 11 months and others not before 15 months.
Your little one will need a lot of patience to find perfect balance and adjust his walk. It is a complicated exercise for him. This is a stage where you must redouble your vigilance in watching him and where there are many falls and little bumps.
Despite everything, you must let him progress because it is not dangerous for him.

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