0-4 months Development 
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0-4 months: Development

Our advice about development for babies from 0 to 4 months.

Your baby develops his 5 senses. Moreover you need to understand the significance of his cries.

The 5 senses awaken

Your baby has already acquired all the indispensable senses for life in your tummy. He has had touch, then taste at about the 3rd month of pregnancy; then come hearing and later sight at the 7th month of gestation.

Touch: baby in your tummy was already sensitive to caresses: now he is perfectly capable of perceiving new sensations and greatly appreciates the softness and warmth of his mother. Consequently you are advised to caress and cradle your baby against you as much as possible because he needs this physical contact for reassurance.

Taste: at birth your baby can recognise the sweet/salt and acid/bitter flavours even if his preference is for sweet tastes.

Smell: it is difficult to know if baby has developed the sense of smell in utero but from birth, he can react to different smells and it appears that he recognises the smell of his mother from his earliest days.

Hearing: from birth, you child hears very well and his mother's voice calms him. Talk to him often, at a regular pace and gently to soothe him if he cries.

Sight: from 4 weeks, he is capable of distinguishing light and shade and fixing on an object momentarily, but focussing is still very poor. His progress will be very rapid and he is capable of recognising colours (blue, red and yellow) from the 4th month. Do not hesitate to stimulate him and present him with objects of different colours, but only for a short time (1 or 2 minutes) because he will tire very rapidly.

Why he cries?

Crying is a means of communication for your baby, the only one he has available at the moment! So it important to understand the significance. No need to worry, you will soon know the difference between his cries of hunger and the others... The cry of hunger is very high pitched, loud and followed by an intake of breath.
Here are the different reasons for his cries:

  • he is hungry: it is better to give him something to eat quickly because he will not calm down until he has had what he wants..
  • he is wet: some babies cannot bear a dirty nappy: changing him will no doubt calm him.
  • night is falling: some, at dusk, start crying systematically, perhaps due to the failing light. If this is the case with your baby, you must reassure him, talk to him gently.
  • he is too hot: pay particular attention to the temperature of his bedroom. It must be at 18-19°, no more.

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